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Friday, February 13, 2009

Journalistic Workshop with KOMPAS

At 4-7 February 2009, my campus was moved to Gadjah Mada State University haahhahahaha. In 4 days, I went to GMSU so I felt my campus was moved on. Hehehehhehe. The workshop is filled by workshop team from Kompas, they are Mr. Sanjuk and Mr. Robby as carrier material, Mr. Santoso as master of ceremony and Mr. Cahyo as layout designer. This was surprising me because I got the journalistic matery from the professional. Hahhahhaha.

The workshop is going to be normal until all of us have to make a newspaper in 3 days. Wow! That’s a big work. Oh my God. Here is my team:

Chatarina Dian
Atma Jaya Catholic University
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Communication-Journalistic 2005

Zeny Anggraeni
Gadjah Mada State University
Faculty of Cultural Sciences
French Literature 2005

Ivan Muhammad Kamil
Gadjah Mada State University
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Communication 2007

Dinda Fauzia
Gadjah Mada State University
Faculty of Engineering
Industrial Engineering 2007

Ojan Fauzan Riza
Gadjah Mada State University
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Communication 2007

Gading Yonggar Ditya
Gadjah Mada State University
Faculty of Law
Law 2008

First, I was not confident because many of them is GMSU’s student. In my opinion GMSU’s student is a high quality student that always read a book, rigid and difficult to share. But, as time goes on, I know they are very good friend who can take care each other and can work together without seeing what is your religion, what is your skin’s color or what party do you participate at in the president election in April 2009. Hahhahahahaa.

I got a difficulty when I was going to interview and found news in little time. Second day of workshop is a tired day. Wow! How could I write 1 news, i only had a little of time. Fuihhhhh… Mba Dian and others was helping me. Without them, I don’t know.

In the third day, we were taught how to layout the newspaper in manual way. Ojan, Ivan and Gading with brave heart, they designed the newspaper. Our newspaper is named “JENDELA” with tagline “clearly see the world” hahahhahaha… They did this newspaper at Ojan’s house. This three peculiar boys did it until midnight, ehmmm… until morning maybe. Hhehehehehehhe.

In the last day, our newspaper would have to be on jury's desk on time (max. at 10 p. m). Like usual, I went to GMSU with Mba Sekar but the unusual one we went to GMSU with bringing Mba Sekar’s printer which very big and heavy. It would be used for print the news in Mba Sekar’s team. Oh my God!

In my team, we were more enjoying than other. But, Ojan hadn’t come. Dinda made a call, but Ojan didn’t take it. We know, Ojan was printing the photos, but the time is too long to print the photos. When we were going to be panic, Ojan came with innocent expression.
“Ojan hurry up the deadline in front of our face!”
The time shows 09:36. Our newspaper was showed. That’s not too bad.^^

Finally, we are not the winner or the runner-up. But, a lot of good things we get from this event like teamwork, passion, friends and absolutely the journalistic knowledge it self. And in the future I hope I can meet Mba Dian, Mba Zeny, Mba Dinda, Ivan, Ojan and Gading again. Miss you friend. Take care and fighting! Your future is in your hand!^^
God bless you all…

We are only human, right?

Conjuntivitiss from wikipedia, electronic library:
Conjunctivitis (commonly called "Pink Eye" in North America, and "Madras eye" in India[1]) is an inflammation of the conjunctiva (the outermost layer of the eye and the inner surface of the eyelids), most commonly due to an allergic reaction or an infection (usually viral, but sometimes bacterial[2]).

This is real happen to my left eye. After I spent my Chinese New Year at Grand-Pa’s House in Tangerang, I had an eye disease called conjuntivis or Javanese called “beleken” (I know that is not a good name hhahahahhaa). At Monday, I went to doctor in Sanata Dharma ministry of medicine. I came at 4 p.m. and I was the first patient at that day. I only waited 10 minutes, after that, a Honda Jazz car parked at the parking area. And I could guess that car is her (the doctor; Mrs. Galuh). Mrs. Galuh is not young anymore maybe her age is 40 and she is a Javanese. She is very nice women & I think she is a good doctor. Because I am a person who afraid of disease, sometimes when I am getting sick, in my brain imagined the disease that I have is a dangerous disease which can make me enter the hospital. Yaaaa… I often think like that. So, if I go to the doctor and get well explanations about the disease that I have, I feel so free and I don’t imagine like before again. Thank you doctor! Hohohhohhohohhh.

And… 2 days later, my eyes become healthy again. Thanks God. But, when I was happy because of that healthiness, a bad news came from Cirebon. My beloved teacher, Mr. Ignatius Iwan Susanto or often we called him Mr. KIM, he rest in peace with our Father in the heaven. He is the best teacher I have ever had. He is a very patient person. He has changed me from a fool student becoming a little smart student. I have too many memories with him.

“..Pa KIM, kita pasti bisa bertemu lagi…”

This sadness news is awaking me…
”Why don’t you give the best for him?”
My GPA in the first semester is disappointed.
(I know that is a process)
If I can see it then I can do it! Hard Work and Belief, djay!
Present it for Mr. KIM!

We all know, there is life and there is death.
And human will pass all of that.

Sunday, February 1, 2009

The Gallery 2

Bantul is an unforgotten city; I get much experience in here. Here are the photos…

Mba Ninez. Our driver…^^

Epilepsy student and cute Tina

This is one of the classrooms. Hot in here.

Government built this new school. In 2006 the school was destroyed by the earthquake.

Our team was preparing the parents meeting. Person who wear brown shirt is Edwin. He is PBB’s co lead. He is American and he is studying for his PhD title.

Mr. Student… I mean, Mr. Siswo…

Be patient Mba Haksi.

Mba Panji is a professional translator; her Javanese language is very good.

Manto, why did you do? Haahhaahah.

Thanks for your participation.

The Gallery 1

Here is some photo when I celebrated Chinese New Year in Grand-Pa’s house.

They are my cousin. Hahhahaha. Take photo with them is a seldom chance.

Our big family ate in a big restaurant in Tangerang; Gado-Gado Boplo. Look at my father’s hand, whaattttt???? Peace. I think, I have infected his photo style. Hahhahhahaahh…

At that restaurant, I found a unique tissue pack

Owww I see! Kimberly Clark!

Ice creams that I like it, but I didn’t buy it, just see the menu.

The most expensive Gado-gado. My sister have already eaten it!

Hong Bao… Huhuhuhuhuhhh… I get it much! Can you count the money???

Tired Day: 10 Hours Work time

Hello guys and gals!

This posting is a starting for me in writing a blog with other language (English). It is hard but it must be done to improve my English. The year of 2010 will come, so if we can’t speak English that’s so pity.


What will I tell you about?

Let’s see…

Owhh yah…

Yesterday (31 January 2009), me & my team in research project with Psychology Beyond Borders went to Bantul. The way is not as tired as before. Because, we went by car, Mba Ninez’s car & Mba Yayi’s car. They drove it by themselves, a super woman I think. Hahhahahahha! No one man in our team can drive car, in Yogyakarta, we rather like to use motorcycle than car. Motorcycle is more small and easier to slip. Owyah, except Edwin, he can drive a car, but you know, street in Indonesia and USA is very different. At USA, we drive on left but in Indonesia we drive on right. The position of wheel is different too, that is contrary.

In that time, we went to State Elementary School of Plebengan, we asked 70 student’s parents to fill in the questionnaire. Those questionnaires notify many kinds of research questions that have to be answered by a number of people so that information can be collected from the answers, for example:

How much that problem has distressed or bothered you during the past 7 days including today?

(Select one answer from each row in the grid.)

Faintness or dizziness: not at all, a little bit, moderately, quite a bit, extremely

Maybe for us it is not difficult to fill in the questionnaire. But, for student’s parents who work at field and they rarely read a book and then the fact that they live in village. It is a hard thing to do. So, we had to help them to explain what the purpose of that sentence is. And it need too much time. Our team get a problem in time, we didn’t have more time to finish that questionnaire, because at 6 p.m. Moslems have to pray), the questionnaire have just filled in half of all. We were very confused, but yaaaaaaa…. That is an experience, so we try to find the problem solving. And than tomorrow, we’ll go to other school with all new ready planning. Sometimes, we need some failed study, right???

Ok. Sorry if in this “amateur” posting there was some fault in writing. Maybe the grammar, the using of word or whatever, with all am I, I am sorry. Hahahhahahaa. See you at the next posting. I hope I can write all posting in this blog with English. God bless you all…

Keep spirit…

our participant