Journalistic Workshop with KOMPAS

At 4-7 February 2009, my campus was moved to Gadjah Mada State University haahhahahaha. In 4 days, I went to GMSU so I felt my campus was moved on. Hehehehhehe. The workshop is filled by workshop team from Kompas, they are Mr. Sanjuk and Mr. Robby as carrier material, Mr. Santoso as master of ceremony and Mr. Cahyo as layout designer. This was surprising me because I got the journalistic matery from the professional. Hahhahhaha.

The workshop is going to be normal until all of us have to make a newspaper in 3 days. Wow! That’s a big work. Oh my God. Here is my team:

Chatarina Dian
Atma Jaya Catholic University
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Communication-Journalistic 2005

Zeny Anggraeni
Gadjah Mada State University
Faculty of Cultural Sciences
French Literature 2005

Ivan Muhammad Kamil
Gadjah Mada State University
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Communication 2007

Dinda Fauzia
Gadjah Mada State University
Faculty of Engineering
Industrial Engineering 2007

Ojan Fauzan Riza
Gadjah Mada State University
Faculty of Social and Political Sciences
Communication 2007

Gading Yonggar Ditya
Gadjah Mada State University
Faculty of Law
Law 2008

First, I was not confident because many of them is GMSU’s student. In my opinion GMSU’s student is a high quality student that always read a book, rigid and difficult to share. But, as time goes on, I know they are very good friend who can take care each other and can work together without seeing what is your religion, what is your skin’s color or what party do you participate at in the president election in April 2009. Hahhahahahaa.

I got a difficulty when I was going to interview and found news in little time. Second day of workshop is a tired day. Wow! How could I write 1 news, i only had a little of time. Fuihhhhh… Mba Dian and others was helping me. Without them, I don’t know.

In the third day, we were taught how to layout the newspaper in manual way. Ojan, Ivan and Gading with brave heart, they designed the newspaper. Our newspaper is named “JENDELA” with tagline “clearly see the world” hahahhahaha… They did this newspaper at Ojan’s house. This three peculiar boys did it until midnight, ehmmm… until morning maybe. Hhehehehehehhe.

In the last day, our newspaper would have to be on jury's desk on time (max. at 10 p. m). Like usual, I went to GMSU with Mba Sekar but the unusual one we went to GMSU with bringing Mba Sekar’s printer which very big and heavy. It would be used for print the news in Mba Sekar’s team. Oh my God!

In my team, we were more enjoying than other. But, Ojan hadn’t come. Dinda made a call, but Ojan didn’t take it. We know, Ojan was printing the photos, but the time is too long to print the photos. When we were going to be panic, Ojan came with innocent expression.
“Ojan hurry up the deadline in front of our face!”
The time shows 09:36. Our newspaper was showed. That’s not too bad.^^

Finally, we are not the winner or the runner-up. But, a lot of good things we get from this event like teamwork, passion, friends and absolutely the journalistic knowledge it self. And in the future I hope I can meet Mba Dian, Mba Zeny, Mba Dinda, Ivan, Ojan and Gading again. Miss you friend. Take care and fighting! Your future is in your hand!^^
God bless you all…