Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gallery 4

Is it called “Hoki”???
One Fool Day with Raditya Dika and Dio Rudiman.

good bye Jakarta!^^

Adelaide Sky & the Threshold

Guys, surprisingly, I have watched Kambing Jantan the Movie hahhahaa… Sorry, I’m the first! 27 February – 1 March 2009, I went to Jakarta by train. Thanks to Leo, because he wanted to take me to Tugu station and picked me up at the next day. And, thanks God; you gave me a very blessed day. It will be unforgotten. I have won Kambing Jantan Comic Review Competition, and the gift is One Fool Day with Raditya Dika and Dio Rudiman. One of our event is watch Kambing Jantan Screening Test at 21 Theatre PIM I.

Raditya Dika. Yesterday, I don’t know like what he is and I have not heard his voice and absolutely he never knows me. But now, I have met him, shake hand each other, shared about film & comic, then sang a sing and had a dinner together. Wow! This is my dream and came true.
Raditya Dika in my eyes:
A person who can catch good opportunities
Nice Friendly
Has a good taste of film
High Intellectual yeah he is not a fool man
Not tall sorry :p
Feminine but gentleman
Metro sexual
And professional guy

So, Radith, saves the journey!^^

The best part of Kambing Jantan film is when Haryanto (Edric Tjandra) unfortunately enter to the taxi and go to airport with Dika, then he go back to apartment by a truck. Hahhahahahaha. Edric Tjandra’s act is very inspririt. I think he reasonable to get 2009 The Best Supporting Actor at Indonesia Movie Awards or Citra Cup. Hehehehhehehe. And, I like the soundtrack. Adelaide Sky! Wow! A good sing to hear. Radith you choose the right song! Because of it I like Adhitia Sofyan too. And so I like the poster of this film, Dio had given the best in making this poster. Dio is very talented designer.

Yeah I hope I can write a book and get famous like Raditya Dika. And know Gagasmedia team is a benefit on this event. I have built a link. Write a book. That is one of my dreams too. If you can see it than you can do it!

Happiness Sadness Mixing

This is real happening to me. Maybe at 13 February, I felt like the happiest people in the world because my comic won a comic review competition which is held by Gagasmedia. Further information sees:

But now, I feel so sad because my study in university is going to be broken again. Yap, my score doesn’t have a big changing. And in this semester, the subject is more difficult than before. Grouping study is a lot. The time is limited, only 24 hours. My outdoor activities are hard, risk and need more attention. Fuihhhh… God help me…

If I have Doraemon, I want Doraemon to pick out magic things that can add time. Maybe in one day there is 27 hours. Hehhehehehe. That is happen in dream only. I haven’t had a big plan to change my rule of study, but nearly I think I would have it. It’s very necessary. My big enemy is my own drowsiness. I often sleep early. Beside that, my task is still much and I do it in the morning. Waw crazy… Yaaaaahhhh… I have to change this bad habit. I want to be a better person… Once again, God help me.

In outside, people see me normally. I am like other teen that has too much energy. But, inside me, I am like a donkey which is thirsty and don’t know what I’m doing now and don’t know what is the real purpose of this life. This is ironic. I have too much dream and something you must know, I am a person who is afraid of future. Maybe this is one of type of psychological disorders. Huahahahahahhahaha… Father, when will you pick me up?