Tired Day: 10 Hours Work time

Hello guys and gals!

This posting is a starting for me in writing a blog with other language (English). It is hard but it must be done to improve my English. The year of 2010 will come, so if we can’t speak English that’s so pity.


What will I tell you about?

Let’s see…

Owhh yah…

Yesterday (31 January 2009), me & my team in research project with Psychology Beyond Borders went to Bantul. The way is not as tired as before. Because, we went by car, Mba Ninez’s car & Mba Yayi’s car. They drove it by themselves, a super woman I think. Hahhahahahha! No one man in our team can drive car, in Yogyakarta, we rather like to use motorcycle than car. Motorcycle is more small and easier to slip. Owyah, except Edwin, he can drive a car, but you know, street in Indonesia and USA is very different. At USA, we drive on left but in Indonesia we drive on right. The position of wheel is different too, that is contrary.

In that time, we went to State Elementary School of Plebengan, we asked 70 student’s parents to fill in the questionnaire. Those questionnaires notify many kinds of research questions that have to be answered by a number of people so that information can be collected from the answers, for example:

How much that problem has distressed or bothered you during the past 7 days including today?

(Select one answer from each row in the grid.)

Faintness or dizziness: not at all, a little bit, moderately, quite a bit, extremely

Maybe for us it is not difficult to fill in the questionnaire. But, for student’s parents who work at field and they rarely read a book and then the fact that they live in village. It is a hard thing to do. So, we had to help them to explain what the purpose of that sentence is. And it need too much time. Our team get a problem in time, we didn’t have more time to finish that questionnaire, because at 6 p.m. Moslems have to pray), the questionnaire have just filled in half of all. We were very confused, but yaaaaaaa…. That is an experience, so we try to find the problem solving. And than tomorrow, we’ll go to other school with all new ready planning. Sometimes, we need some failed study, right???

Ok. Sorry if in this “amateur” posting there was some fault in writing. Maybe the grammar, the using of word or whatever, with all am I, I am sorry. Hahahhahahaa. See you at the next posting. I hope I can write all posting in this blog with English. God bless you all…

Keep spirit…

our participant