Happiness Sadness Mixing

This is real happening to me. Maybe at 13 February, I felt like the happiest people in the world because my comic won a comic review competition which is held by Gagasmedia. Further information sees:

But now, I feel so sad because my study in university is going to be broken again. Yap, my score doesn’t have a big changing. And in this semester, the subject is more difficult than before. Grouping study is a lot. The time is limited, only 24 hours. My outdoor activities are hard, risk and need more attention. Fuihhhh… God help me…

If I have Doraemon, I want Doraemon to pick out magic things that can add time. Maybe in one day there is 27 hours. Hehhehehehe. That is happen in dream only. I haven’t had a big plan to change my rule of study, but nearly I think I would have it. It’s very necessary. My big enemy is my own drowsiness. I often sleep early. Beside that, my task is still much and I do it in the morning. Waw crazy… Yaaaaahhhh… I have to change this bad habit. I want to be a better person… Once again, God help me.

In outside, people see me normally. I am like other teen that has too much energy. But, inside me, I am like a donkey which is thirsty and don’t know what I’m doing now and don’t know what is the real purpose of this life. This is ironic. I have too much dream and something you must know, I am a person who is afraid of future. Maybe this is one of type of psychological disorders. Huahahahahahhahaha… Father, when will you pick me up?